The fates of Resident Evil past and present meet on an abandoned island facility. Will they survive the madness that awaits them? The 'Overseer' controls this island and evil is watching their every move.


Monster Hunter™ 4 Ultimate is the newest installment in the popular Monster Hunter series, which has sold more than 28 million units worldwide to date. In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, players will take on the role of a hunter that joins up with a traveling caravan to explore new lands and towns along the way.


RISE UP! The latest chapter of the legendary fighting franchise is exclusive on PS4 and PC. Cross-platform play will unite Street Fighter fans into a centralized player base for the first time ever. More will be revealed in the coming months so stay tuned for more details!


Capcom Unity Official Podcast: Episode 29 - 05/23/15 GregaMan

In Episode 29 of the Capcom Unity Official Podcast, Brett, Yuri, and I celebrate the long, long-demanded rerelease of The Misadventures of Tron Bonne as a PSOne Classic on the North American PSN.&nb...

Mega Man 8 coming to NA PSN on 5/27 - 05/22/15 Brelston

Hey, Bass! Why must I fight you? We are not enemies! Shut up! An amazing exchange in a game filled with amazing exchanges. Between this and Doctah Waiwee I can't make up my mind! Bu...

Mega Man Zero 2 now available on Wii U eShop - 05/21/15 Dubindoh

Week 3 of Mega May is here and with it comes one of my favorite games of all time: Mega Man Zero 2! The Zero series holds a special place in my heart for a number of reasons, one of them bei...

Live DMC4SE Dante gameplay at 4pm PT - 05/20/15 GregaMan

Tune into our Twitch channel once again today at 4pm PT for more live Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition gameplay. This time we will show off the series' lead protagonist, that daffy, pizza-loving...

M.Bison Makes His Return in SFV - 05/20/15 Combofiend

The ever evil dictator of Shadaloo, M.Bison, is making his return in SFV. M.Bison has gotten a little older and whole lot more vicious. With an array of new attacks, it's clear that M.Bison's c... events live, streaming Raid Mode w chance to win the game - 05/19/15 Brelston

Those who follow the online events at may already know, but today there are two events running simultaneously! Log in this week for a chance at some custom parts and more. We'll a...

Monster Hunter Mondays 5/18 live at 4pm PT - 05/18/15 Dubindoh

Just a quick reminder that our weekly Monster Hunter Mondays live stream continues its weekly-ness today at 4pm PT. Join us at and keep an eye on the stream chat...

These are Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition's Trophies and Achievements - 05/18/15 GregaMan

Fact: It's fun to check boxes. As humans, it's in our blood. Besides, what kind of action game would Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition be without a hearty list of action items? Hit the jump for the g...

Capcom Recap - May 15, 2015 - 05/15/15 GregaMan

Time for another Capcom Recap! This week's installment has banjos, machine-gun magnums, a Mega Man X-pert, some impressive use of the Charge Blade, and more. Hit the jump to watch! Episode Ackn...

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition combat overview - Lady - 05/15/15 GregaMan

Get a good look at the combat mechanics of Lady, one of the three new playable characters coming to Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition when it drops for PS4, Xbox One, and PC this June 23rd. Lady ...

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