The fates of Resident Evil past and present meet on an abandoned island facility. Will they survive the madness that awaits them? The 'Overseer' controls this island and evil is watching their every move.


Monster Hunter™ 4 Ultimate is the newest installment in the popular Monster Hunter series, which has sold more than 28 million units worldwide to date. In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, players will take on the role of a hunter that joins up with a traveling caravan to explore new lands and towns along the way.


RISE UP! The latest chapter of the legendary fighting franchise is exclusive on PS4 and PC. Cross-platform play will unite Street Fighter fans into a centralized player base for the first time ever. More will be revealed in the coming months so stay tuned for more details!


USFIV Patch 1.04 for PS4 Out Today - 07/06/15 Combofiend

Sony and Capcom's continued efforts to ensure that the PS4 version of USFIV is indeed the definitive version of USFIV continue with patch 1.04, which was released earlier today. Continue on for a l...

Udon to host SDCC signing with Hiroyuki Kobayashi, debut Devil May Cry book - 07/06/15 GregaMan

Udon Entertainment is really going all out for San Diego Comic Con this year. The previously announced SDCC fighting game exclusives and extremely rare signing opportunity with legendary Capcom...

MMLC Robot Master List: Elec Man - 07/06/15 Brelston

Number: DLN-008 Weapon: Elec Beam Weakness: Rolling Cutter A robot who controls electricity. He’s a strong enemy with speed and power to match. Take him down quickly with a weapon that play...

MMLC Robot Master List: Fire Man - 07/03/15 Brelston

Number: DLN-007 Weapon: Fire Storm Weakness: Ice Slasher A waste disposal robot who controls flames reaching temperatures of around 8000 degrees. His Fire Storm is tough to dodge, so be sure to a...

MMLC Robot Master List: Bomb Man - 07/02/15 Brelston

Number: DLN-006 Weapon: Hyper Bomb Weakness: Fire Storm A robot who, together with Guts Man, used to clear land for development. Be sure to damage him before throwing the Hyper Bomb. As a Light ...

New Ace Attorney 3DS themes available alongside franchise sale - 07/02/15 GregaMan

If you're a hot-blooded Ace Attorney fan, be sure to fire up your 3DS sometime this weekend! Not only is there an Ace Attorney sale in progress discounting both Dual Destinies and the Ace Attor...

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Free DLC line-up for July - 07/01/15 Dubindoh

More awesome DLC arrives in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on July 3rd, with even more content coming on July 17th! Here's the full scoop on all of it, including G Rank Gold Rathian and Si...

MMLC Robot Master List: Ice Man - 07/01/15 Brelston

Number: DLN-005 Weapon: Ice Slasher Weakness: Elec Beam A robot created for conducting research at the South Pole. Dodge his Ice Slasher with well-timed jumps at just the right height. In  ...

Udon SDCC Exclusives Available for PreOrder - 07/01/15 Combofiend

Hey Capcom fighting game lovers, I have some exciting news regarding Udon’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. This year Udon is pulling out all the stops with three limited edition hardcover off...

MMLC Robot Master List: Guts Man - 06/30/15 Brelston

Part two in our ongoing series about each Robot Master in the Mega Man Legacy Collection! Today - Guts Man! Number: DLN-004 Weapon: Super Arm Weakness: Hyper Bomb A land-clearing robot. He&rs...

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